Dejan Gregor, MSc, IT/GIS Advisor

I feel today’s investment climate offers real opportunities in the geospatial industry. Specifically exploration in petroleum, telecommunication or other utility and energy sectors.

My mission is to help clients take advantage of those opportunities by providing them with three key elements:

  1. A clear understanding of their business goals
  2. A well-defined and reliable roadmap for achieving those goals
  3. Ongoing advice to adjust as requirements change

I aim to help prosperous individuals and businesses to create solid plans involving Geospatial technologies & research and ultimately provide them with a trusted source to put those plans into action.

Growing up as a competitive karate student and cyclist, I was initially drawn to the University of Bayreuth where I obtained in-depth knowledge of Geosciences. From there I moved back to Slovenia and then to Salzburg and received my MSc in Geographic Information Science and Systems.

Who I help and the key issues I help them address:

  • Utility and energy companies
    How do you discover, assess, implement and change opportunities in your organization with GIS? How can you move to a new level of using Geospatial technologies to add more value and be ready for the future opportunities? Do you need independent advice and help on building a roadmap for GIS? What is the most effective way to achieve a sustainable GIS Service?
  • Individuals
    What options are there involving GI Science and Information Technologies? What kinds of career paths are suitable for you? How can you get prepared for the changing future in the GI industry?

I have been working with individuals and businesses since 2006. I use extensive personal and professional experience to help you pursue your goals.

Please note that I do not offer advice in IT Services for petroleum industry.